Spring wishlist

Hi dolls!  Well I’ve got again to the part where I’m wishing all sort of stuff. I guess it’s the spring in the air, the holiday that’s closer and closer, and my brain intoxicated by my dissertation and uni work. In other words, I can’t really believe that it’s less than 2 months left until I’ll finish uni and I’ll never ever have to write an essay again, do uni work or take exams. Well… time flies! 4 years!

I’ve noticed that uni ‘eats’ a considerable amount of my time which is anyway limited, so I find myself struggling between trying to have a healthy lifestyle (ahem), drink enough water (ahem 2), writing on my dissertation, time with my boyfriend and add the chores one has to do as I don’t have a maid yet (do I?).

My outfits have become a mix between all-black Morticia style (also goes well with my tired-pale face), and homeless, I seem to be surgically attached to my fav H&M bag (also because I can just casually drop all my house into it), my hair looks like a nightmare (note to self- dye it as soon as you get home!!!) and my face…well my face looks actually pretty good, you know, the bags under my eyes are Michael Kors (laughing but not really.)

Soooo… moving on to my wishlist (don’t get a panic attack as I did when I saw the collage): colaj wishlist 1. Gold stilettos. No comment, I’ve just been wanting them for ages now, since I saw something similar in Zara! Never actually got to buy them, though? Why? Have no idea, but now that I’ve decided that I need to drop the ‘comfy-me’ in the bin bag and definitely wear way more high heels, I need a pair of gold stilettos in my life.

2. OMG OMG OMG!!!! THE NIKE NEW COLLECTION. I was so excited when I saw them that I couldn’t breathe. No really, I love them. However £160 is not really the amount I’m willing to spend atm. Flowers, flowers everywhere…and Paris. Sigh.

3. My first Michael Kors bag. I really love MK bags. So versatile, even though so similar with my only £30 bag from H&M.

4. Cullotes. As we all know, they’re definitely the new trend for 2015. Also they have all the qualities I’m looking for: comfy, chic, amazing colour. Only £14,99 in New Look.

5 & 13. The new amazing Cinderella collection at MAC. Oh you’ll say I’m such a sucker for fairytales. Yeap I am, even my Pandora bracelet proves it, haha. So..here we have the ballroom lipstick and the highlighter. Or we don’t. Yeah we don’t. Whatever.

6&8. Please cover me in Mac lipsticks. Or don’t, whatever, I’ll cover myself. 6- velvet teddy & 8 something pink, I kind of forgot. I want them both, and now!

7&10 The Naked skin foundation from Urban Decay. Even though you all know I’m in love with MUFE HD (which it happens to be almost over) and it’s my one and only, after I tried Naked I was really happy with it, it really is like a second skin!

9.White converse. No comments, just so comfy and easy-going and super-easy to match however, whenever.

11.Anastasia Soare brow kit. I have no idea if all of you know already, but Anastasia is Romanian, like I am, and I couldn’t have been prouder, honestly! She’s the queen of the brows, she built an empire out of brows! So yeah. Deeply in love with her products!

12. Real techniques gold brushes. Even though in my make-up brushes collection I only have high ends like Nastelle & Revecen, I am more than willing to try these lovelies in such a pleasant colour! Also kind of cheap.

13.Ripped boyfriend jeans. Since they are in trend I loved them so much, though I have no idea why I am stuck with my skinny jeans and never tried these, they are so lovely!

That’s pretty much all my wishlist, just 13 items, and my mom and boyfriend still complain I’m spending too much. No, I’m not. Ok, maybe. Love, Cristina

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